Medal Results


30/07/2017 August Medal Sunday I McGahan D Oliver

M McMillan

29/07/2017 August Medal Saturday D Eden D Griffiths J Cattle
28/07/2017 July Weekday Medal P Williamson    
16/07/2017 Sunday Stableford W Edge G Burton  
02/07/2017 July Medal Sunday G Burton D Oliver

J Page

01/07/2017 July Medal Saturday G Raitt C Insley

P Hitchings

23/06/2017 June Midweek Medal R Holt J Corby  
10/06/2017 June Sunday Stableford T Fisher J Birkenhead  
04/06/2017 June Medal Sunday J Steadman K Ball A Cairns
03/06/2017 June Medal Saturday B Moore J Corby P Leslie
26/05/2017 May Weekday Medal G Woodham G Raitt  
07/05/2017 Sunday Stableford J Birkenhead A Chamberlain  
30/04/2017 May Medal P  Williamson I Anderson N Hill
28/04/2017 April Weekday Medal J Corby A Asghar  
16/04/2017 April Medal Sunday A Chamberlain T Wholton L Cosnett
15/04/2017 April Medal Saturday K Garner P Hardy D Pywell
05/02/2017 February Medal Sunday I McGahan D Mercer G Hughes
04/02/2017 February Medal Saturday K Garner P Hardy P Jacobs
08/01/2017 January Medal Sunday I McGahan K Ball G Hughes
07/01/2017 January Medal Saturday A Lee P Hardy P Jacobs

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