Competition Formats & Regs

This page covers the history of the seniors competitions and provides information regarding format and regulations covering each event.


Revised arrangements
Seniors Winter League 2019-2020 Plan 'B'
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Winter League knock out rankings
Seniors Winter League 2019-2020 League T
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The draw for the knock out
Seniors Winter League Knockout Trophy 20
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Use of Buggies In Seniors Comps

WGC seniors committee wishes to encourage the participation in golf of all players regardless of disabilities, temporary illness or injury which may affect a members ability to complete the course by walking. In these circumstances it is acceptable for a member to use a buggy for transportation by himself provided the criteria detailed in the use of buggies regulation (below) are met

Use of Buggies Policy 2017
Use of Buggies policy.pdf
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Blarney Cup

2019 Winner Richard Spence

Blarney Cup Regs 2019
Blarney Cup .pdf
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County Foursomes Qualifier

2019 Representatives - Paul Danvers and Keith Gotch

County Foursomes Qualifier Regs 2019
County Foursomes Qualifier.pdf
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County Foursomes KO. Rules
County Foursomes Knock-Out R&C 2016.pdf
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Garden Trophy

2019 Winner: Geoff Crofts

Garden Trophy
Garden Trophy

The Garden Trophy was the brainchild of Ken Napleton who's company, KJN Engineering established this annual event in 2005. The proceeds raised on the day are then used to replace and introduce plants and shrubs, such as those on the first tee, and other enhancements to the course. Chris Rowntree was the first winner in 2005, but mention needs to be made of Tom Stocker who won it the following year. Tom having completed his round went home and later that evening got a call from Ken Napleton to inform him of his victory. Tom was amazed and astounded but recovered quickly enough to ask "what have I won?" Kens respnse of "two ton of horse manure for your garden, when do you want it dropping off" was met with silence. Tom was quite relieved when told that the runner up got four tons on the way! 

Ken was forced to announce his retirement from the game in 2013 and consequently his sponsorship of the event. Bond Street Trophys of Hinckley have taken up the sponsorship of this trophy



Garden Trophyy Regs 2019
Garden Trophy.pdf
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Memorial Trophy

Memorial Trophy
Memorial Trophy

2019  Winners: Malc Wileman & Dave Gaten

As a tribute and in memory of deceased members, the Memorial Trophy was introduced in 1998. Following the loss of a member, many families of the deceased would contact the club to donate a trophy, which of course eventually meant that there simply wasnt enough room in the calendar or indeed the trophy cabinet. By introducing the Memorial Trophy, the winners name and any active members who have passed away during the year are inscribed and entered in the club book of remembrance.




Memorial Trophy Regs 2019
Memorial Trophy.pdf
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Tom Hobbs Cup - Senior Citizens Challenge Cup

Tom Hobbs Cup
Tom Hobbs Cup

The Senior Citizens challenge cup has become affectionately known as the "Tom Hobbs Cup". Past member Tom donated this cup in 1991 and the competition always attracts a good entry from senior club members.

Singles Stableford - Full Handicap - White tees - Active handicap required. Qualifying event.


2019 Winner: Brian Jeffrey

Tom Hobbs Cup ( Senior Citizens Challenge Cup) Regs 2019
Tom Hobbs Cup.pdf
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WGC Seniors Club Championship

Seniors Club Championship Regs 2019
Seniors Club Championship.pdf
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Seniors Best Gross
Seniors Best Gross

The seniors club championship was introduced in 1997 awarded for the best gross score.

Two years later saw the introduction of the Faulkner Cup (below) awarded to the best net score.


2019 Winner Best Gross: Chris Smith


Seniors Best Nett
Seniors Best Nett

The Faulkner Cup is awarded to the best net score.



2019 Winner Best Net: Ernie Francis

David Raitt Trophy

Dave Raitt Trophy Regs 2019
David Raitt Trophy Tournament B.pdf
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The David Raitt Trophy
The David Raitt Trophy

Club Pro David Raitt provided this magnificent trophy in 2008 to be competed for by local clubs. The original winners were Hinckley G.C. and despite home advantage Whetstone have previously only won  in 2009, & 2013. Beedles Lake won the 2015 and 2016 events. Ullesthorpe triumphed in 2017. and the winners in 2018 and 2019 were  Whetstone Golf Club

Breakfast Texas Scramble

Breakfast Scramble Regs 2019
Breakfast Texas Scramble v3.pdf
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The Breakfast scramble involves 3 or 4-person teams playing three or four balls, but with each shot coming from the same spot (the best of the four drives is chosen and all four team members then hit from that spot, and so on).

At least four drives by each member of the team must be used during the course of the round: A


2018 Winners: Brian Haines , Colin Green, Bill Bowley, Malc Wileman


Grandee Trophy

The Grandee Trophy
The Grandee Trophy

Introduced in 1994, the Grandee has quite a chequered history and was purchasd by the nucleus of the sections founding fathers. Before the seniors section became a recognised sub section of the club, a handful of retired members met for a game. They would throw a few pounds into the odd competition organised amongst themselves and any surplus added to a kitty. The club committe 0f the day questioned the principle of this and it is thought may have had eyes on the growing pot of money. The grandees, a name suggested by Pauline Napleton and adopted, were anxious that the money they put in stayed with them and after occassionaly heated different points of view were expressed, they went out and bought the trophy.

2019 winner: Bill Bowley


Grandee Trophy Regs 2019
Grandee Trophy.pdf
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Millennium Trophy

Millennium Trophy Regs 2019
Millennium Trophy.pdf
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Millennium Trophy
Millennium Trophy

To commemorate the second millennium 

Separate award for over 75's veteran winning senior member.


2019 Winner: Keith Gotch and Best Veteran John MacDonald

Pairs Championship

Senior Pairs Championship
Senior Pairs Championship


The inaugural winners in 1997 were J. Robinson & Brian Morgan.




2019  Winners: John Baron and Dave Gaten

Pairs Championship Regs 2019
Pairs Championship.pdf
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Winter League

Winter League 2019 - 2020 Regs
Seniors Winter League Rules 2019-2020 Pr
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Senior of the Year

Senior of the Year Shield
Senior of the Year Shield

This shield is awarded by the seniors committee to the senior member who has  shown commitment, support and made a consistent contribution to the image, well being, promotion and development of the senior section.


2019  Award: Ken Measures


Summer Salver

Summer Salver
Summer Salver

Awarded to the member with the highest points aggregate based on medal placings throughout the year.


2018 Winner:  Ernie Francis

Summer Salver Regs 2019
Summer Salver.pdf
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Summer Knockout - Captains Trophy

Captains Trophy
Captains Trophy
  • Matches to be arranged by mutual agreement on or before the dates published.
  • Each player is responsible for contacting his opponent.
  • In the event of a tie after 18 holes, "sudden death" follows from the 1st hole taking the same stroke index as in the first 18 holes.
  • Introduced in 1997.


2019 Winner: John Harris

Summer Knock Out Regs 2019
Summer Knockout ( Captains Trophy).pdf
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Santa Special

Santa Special regs 2019
Santa Special.pdf
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Non Qualifier

Seniors Monthly Medal

Seniors Monthly Medal Regs 2019
Monthly Medal v3.pdf
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