Medal Results 2019

October Sunday Medal P Wright      
October Saturday Medal W Bowley      
September Sunday Medal I Hurst R Taylerson H Ellis  
September Saturday Medal J Steadman M Darlison J Chartres  
August Weekday Medal A Minihane      
August Sunday Stableford P Williamson M Darlison    
August Weekday Medal S Cornwall S Barker W Bowley  
August Saturday Medal G Raitt M Darlison G Woodham  
July Midweek Medal K Smith      
July Sunday Stableford T Wholton J Cornwall    
July Medal Sunday G Raitt A Minihane T Fisher  
July Medal Saturday D Loach C Insley K Smith  
June Stableford Sunday K Garner C Insley    
June Medal Saturday K Garner C Morris T Fisher  
May Midweek Medal J Cornwall      
May Stableford Sunday D Loach L Davis    
May Medal Saturday C Orr D Martin L Cosnett  
April Medal Sunday J Corby A Oulds L Cosnett  
April Medal Saturday G Raitt L Cobb G Harvey  
March Stableford J Birkenhead      
February Stableford A Dales      
January Stableford Anthony Lane                                                                                 

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